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New Park Access System: Register for Park Access Today!

Exciting news!

The new gate access system at North Perry’s Townline Park is now active and is now ready for residents to schedule their system enrollment for continued Park access! Enrollment will be held at the Park’s Gate House and each person enrolled takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. Please be patient as we navigate through the new enrollment process.

Access Registration

  • Park access will be granted to North Perry Village residents at no charge for those that are willing / able to utilize the Fingerprint Reader system.
  • Residents that are physically not able to provide a valid fingerprint:
    • A Keyfob will be provided at no charge
    • Residents that are not willing to provide a fingerprint a Keyfob can be purchased for $20.00 per Keyfob / User
    • Replacement Keyfobs can be purchased for $20.00
  • Fingerprint records and Keyfobs will remain active and will “not” need to be reactivated on an annual basis unless changes are requested by a resident.
  • North Perry Village will schedule dates / times that residents can enroll for access to the new system.
  • North Perry Village Secretary will send Enrollment dates / times via Mail and will also post on the North Perry Village website.
  • Enrollment will need to take place at the Park Guard House until the new enrollment reader arrives at village hall.

Guest Access

  • Residents will contact the Village Secretary 48 hrs. in advance for Guest Access.
  • Guests will be issued a “One-Time / Time Specific” code and they will access Park by entering the code on the Keypad at Park entrance.

First Responders & Vendors

  • Each entity will be provided a “permanent” code that they will utilize to access the Park. The code will be entered on the Keypad at Park entrance.