WAKE and RAKE! Thank you to Coach John Grdina and Perry High School baseball and softball team members for another successful Fall Clean Up in North Perry! On Saturday, November 7th, 2015 they raked leaves and cleaned gutters for our residents who needed extra help.

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Thanks to all of our participants!

The Wildlife of North Perry, First Place - Adult, Therese Bradshaw

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The Wildlife of North Perry, 2nd Place - Adult, Katie Velecheck

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 The Nature of North Perry, 1st Place - Adult, Julie Warren

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The Nature of North Perry, 2nd Place - Adult, Therese Bradshaw

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 The People of North Perry, First Place - Adult, Carleen Murphy
 2014 Photo Contest - Beach opt

Parmly Road Weight Limit Decreased
Due to residents' concerns and road physical conditions, council has amended ordinance 14-04, section 339.02 to decrease the load limit from 22 tons to 5 tons on Parmly Road. Vendors to the power plant have been advised to use Center Road which has a 40 ton weight limit. This change will cut down truck traffic considerably.


New Toddler Playground Equipment!
By popular demand of the younger set, well at least their parents and grandparents, a new piece of playground equipment was installed at Townline Park. Bring your youngsters and grandchildren down to try it out!


historicSignMayor Ed Klco attended a meeting of the Historic Rt. 20 Association this past Spring and was able to secure a Historic Rt. 20 sign for our village.

You can see our sign out in front of Champs Barber Stylists at 5129 N. Ridge Rd. See below press release to learn more.



BOSTON, MA - March, 16, 2014 - A new nonprofit organization is placing the spotlight on the longest highway in America this spring. The Boston-based Historic US Route 20 Association Inc, with a five member board, was founded by Bryan Farr after he completed the 3,365 mile cross-country journey on Route 20 from Boston, MA to Newport, OR in 2010. “This is one of the last great highways that you can still drive in its entirety that has not been lost to history, cut up, or rerouted to the interstates” says Farr. “Everybody's is obsessed with or romanticizes Route 66 when they think of American highways, that I kept thinking to myself, we have the longest intact highway in the country, that meanders through small town America just as it did in 1926 right here in our own backyards,” continues Farr “yet Route 20 has always played a second fiddle to its more famous cousin”. Farr also noted that “there was nothing out there to preserve and promote its significance and history as a whole in American culture.” This is what the Historic US Route 20 Association was created to do.

US Route 20 was born to be a transcontinental highway in November, 1925, as the zero in 20 was meant to indicate, but was cut short of its Atlantic to Pacific route when the states of Montana, Idaho and Oregon were concerned that their roads through the mountains could not be maintained in the winter months, limiting year round travel. Route 20 therefore ended at the eastern entrance to Yellowstone National Park. However by 1940, those states upgraded their highways and by 1945, US 20 had made its way to just shy of the Pacific Ocean.

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