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Income Tax

Our Village income tax is the only tax returned to us at 100%.

Please check your pay stubs. If there is no “Local Tax” coming out of your paycheck, you are liable for 1% to the village. If your workplace is within a township, there is no tax; therefore, you are liable for the 1% to the village. The Village is with RITA . All the forms for RITA are on the RITA webpage. The RITA website is www.ritaohio.com                                                                       Main Phone 800-860-7482                                                                                      TTD 440-526-5332                                                                                                  Also a resident can call and leave a message for Joanne Clapp at 440-259-4994 and she will return your call.


Please call us if you have any questions.

I am also available for notary service.

Also, when buying and renewing your license tags/plates, verify your address is listed as North Perry Village. This will ensure the Village receives the fees.