4449 Lockwood Road • North Perry, Ohio 44081 • 440-259-4994

Board of Zoning Appeals – BZA

The board of zoning appeals consist of five (5) electors appointed by village council.  The term of each member shall be five (5) years beginning January 1st.

Responsibilities of the BZA include receiving, recording, reviewing, granting or denying zoning appeal applications; establish hearings for such appeals and communicate all decisions; and instruct the Zoning Inspector to take appropriate action to these decisions in accordance with the North Perry Village Zoning regulations.


5 Member Board                                Term Expires December 31st of the following year:

Bill Barrett – Chairman                                                        2022

Nathan Orosz                                                                        2023

Morgan Mackey                                                                    2024

Stacy Dame – Vice Chairman                                              2025

Bill Kanda                                                                               2026