4449 Lockwood Road • North Perry, Ohio 44081 • 440-259-4994

Planning Commission

The North Perry Village Planning Commission is a board made up of (5) members established pursuant to section 713.01 of the Ohio Revised Code.  Each member will serve a (6) year term.

Responsibilities of the planning commission include, but not limited to, receiving and recording zoning permit applications and plot plans from the zoning inspector; maintain a zoning district map and a long-term plan for the village; review, grant or deny such applications pursuant to the village zoning code; establish hearings for such review; and instruct the zoning inspector to take appropriate action to these decisions in accordance with the village zoning regulations.


5 Member Board                                Term Expires December 31st of the following year:

Acting Mayor Brian Titus – Vice Chair                Council Term – 2023

Councilman Ken Siegel                                                                     2023

Sandra Elliott                                                                                      2023

George Hazel                                                                                      2024

Robert Rideout – Chairman                                                              2027