4449 Lockwood Road • North Perry, Ohio 44081 • 440-259-4994


Thank you for your interest in reserving our facilities!


Please note that the facilities of North Perry are only for the use of North Perry residents and that non-residents are not permitted to make reservations.

With the exception of the Pool Pavilion, all North Perry facilities require a deposit to be paid with in advance along with the reservation fees. This deposit will be refunded so long as the North Perry Staff inspect and agree that the facility was taken care of and well cleaned after your event.

While permitted at Village Hall for special functions that require a Police Officer to be present North Perry does not permit alcoholic beverages at any of the Townline Road Park facilities.

The list of rules outlined above are to be considered general overview rules and it is not exhaustive; the full rules and regulations will be provided at Village Hall when the deposit is made. 

Registrations prior to the June 13th System Launch have been restored. If you need to make changes to your pre-launch reservations please contact Village Hall and adjustments will be made on your behalf. 

If you agree with this these rules you please click here to proceed with making your reservation!