4449 Lockwood Road • North Perry, Ohio 44081 • 440-259-4994


Mike Cutler
Superintendent of Public Works
440-259-4994 office

Curbside Leaf Removal: Leaf removal will begin on Monday, October 12 and commence on Friday, December 18. The Service crew will collect Village wide on Mondays and Fridays during this time period. Please have leaves piled in the tree lawn and avoid piling on the sidewalk and in the road.

Fire Hydrants: If you have a hydrant in your front yard, please keep the grass trimmed around it. Having your hydrant visible makes it easier for the Fire Department to find and work around it in the case of an emergency.


Lawns and landscaping within a public right of way shall be kept free of rank vegetation. Lawns and landscaping on private property shall be kept from becoming overgrown and unsightly and shall be maintained so as not to constitute a blighting or deteriorating effect on the surrounding neighborhood. Rank vegetation and landscaping features may not obstruct the vision of motorists and pedestrians traffic on or near public roads.

Rank vegetation” means any growth of weeds or grass to a height of ten inches or higher.

Installing a new mailbox or fresh landscaping? Be sure to call Ohio Utilities Protection Service! Calling before you dig is important not only for safety reasons, but also because IT’S THE LAW! By law, homeowners should contact O.U.P.S., 8-1-1 or 1-800-362-2764, at least 48 hours but no more than 10 working days (excluding weekends and legal holidays) before beginning ANY digging project.

NOTE: The Ohio Oil and Gas Producers Underground Protection Service is also committed to protecting underground facilities and preserving the safety of landowners and contractors. Call 800-925-0988 or 614-715-2984 or visit www.ogpups.org for further information about OGPUPS.