4449 Lockwood Road • North Perry, Ohio 44081 • 440-259-4994

Boards and Commissions

North Perry Planning Commission
Meets as needed

Sandra Elliott
Ken Siegel
Brian Titus
George Hazel
Robert Rideout

North Perry Board of Zoning Appeals
Meets as needed

Bill Barrett
Stacy Dame
William Kanda
Nathan Orosz
Morgan Mackey

Perry Area Joint Recreation District Board

Meets 2nd Monday of the month at Perry Community/Senior Center at 5 p.m.

The Perry Area Joint Recreation District is an independent government entity established over 30 years ago and comprises Perry Township, Perry Village, North Perry Village and Perry Public Schools.
A separate board with representation from each of the four entities was put into place to establish, manage and fund a comprehensive recreation program for all Perry residents.

Rick Amos

Phil Cassella

Nikki Trefzger

Tippi Foley

Justine Brichford